High-Temp Camera Can Keep Tabs On Inhospitable Environment Inside Cement Kilns

Any industrial operation needs efficient oversight to ensure safe operation. When it comes to boilers, kilns, furnaces and other bits of machinery that operates at a high temperature, a few stumbling blocks pop up. Chief among them is how to ensure that the interior of these devices are safe for operation and aren’t exhibiting any critical flaws when in use. Given that the interior of a cement kiln can reach 3,500 degrees when in use, those in charge of these devices need to figure out a way to keep tabs on operational safety. This is exactly where a high-temperature camera comes into play and the benefits it offers are essential to industrial operations.

When manufacturing cement with a dry process kiln, there are multiple heat sources that turn the blended dry feed into a product the rest of us may recognize. According to Understanding-Cement.com, the process begins with raw material leaving a heating tower and entering a kiln. The temperature at the entry point of the kiln is estimated to be at least 900 degrees, according to the website, and a heat exchange tower consists of a “series of cyclones in which fast-moving hot gases keep the meal powder suspended in air.” The conditions inside the kiln gets hotter until the meal reaches the same temperature as the gas. If this sounds like an inhospitable environment, you’d be right. According to the website, the dry process kiln can extend 60 meters so there’s plenty of distance for the raw material to travel before it comes usable cement. However, that distance poses a unique problem when it comes to oversight and safety concerns.

Faults can develop inside these kilns, boilers, furnaces and more. Problem is, it’s impossible to recognize such faults before a catastrophic failure. With a furnace camera that is designed to withstand conditions that no human could hope to peer into, you can use thermal imaging to identify places where the process might not be working as it was designed to. Similarly, areas inside a kiln or furnace that are too dirty or wet for a typical camera can benefit from a high temp camera system. For industrial operations in the market for such a device, it’s time to find an industry leader that’s known for their products and the payoff it offers. SYN-FAB, in operation since 1974, can provide products that boast real-time images of your manufacturing process at work. The benefits of such an investment include reduced emissions, minimized fuel consumption, improved efficiency, along with temperature data and more.