High Temperature Camera And Imaging Systems

If safety is a primary concern in your sector, then SYN-FAB is here to help with furnace inspection camera devices and other monitoring products that will keep boilers, kilns and more in check. We specialize in designing, manufacturing, selling and servicing camera systems that are suited for industrial processes. If you’re in the pulp and paper; power and utility; steel and gas; waste incineration or petrochemical sectors, we encourage you to view our furnace camera systems below to see what SYN-FAB has to offer you. No matter which product or furnace camera you choose, you’ll have a device that’s reliable and easily customized.

Typical furnace inspection camera applications include:

  • Recovery Boiler Camera
  • Power Boiler Camera
  • Lime Kiln Camera
  • Cement Kiln Camera
  • Steel Furnace Monitoring Camera
  • Refuse Boiler Camera
  • Glass Furnace Camera
  • Oil Heater Camera
  • Other High Temperature Process and Furnace Inspection Camera Uses

Digital output and network cameras are available for most applications. Each system is backed by the best warranty and service department in the industry, with all spare parts stocked at SYN-FAB® for emergencies and overnight delivery. Contact SYN-FAB for all your boiler, kiln and furnace inspection camera needs!