Industrial Camera Systems

SYN-FAB®’s line of process-monitoring and general application CCTV systems are built to the same high standards as our high temperature imaging systems. High performance, industrial-grade electronics and optics are used to produce the sharpest and most reliable video available. Specialized high temperature systems are available for hot, dirty and wet environments that would destroy conventional security grade camera systems. Many of our furnace camera/lens combinations are available and each system is shipped fully assembled, adjusted and ready for installation with no field assembly required. The SF20 and SF30 series systems are the most popular general application models and feature our machined IP66 nylon or STEELON™ housings and industrial grade CCD cameras to provide a virtually indestructible system.

Models are available for hazardous classification areas, high dust areas, high temperature areas and more. All of our high temp camera systems are available with a wide variety of mounts, lenses, remote controls and other accessories. Popular options include pan, tilt and zoom systems; vibration proof mounts and sun shields. Digital output and network cameras are available for most applications, as well. Each system is backed by the best warranty and service department in the industry, with all spare parts stocked at SYN-FAB® for emergencies and overnight delivery.

Typical Furnace Camera Applications:

  • Woodyards, chip handling areas and sawmills
  • Hazardous materials handling areas
  • Pulp mill, bleach plant and paper machines
  • Offshore and marine applications
  • DOT, OSHA, and EPA-required areas
  • Chemical tanks, storage areas, and gauges
  • Drum water level gauges and smelt spouts
  • Plant security and perimeter surveillance
  • Coal and ash handling areas
  • Pressure vessels and reactors
  • Wireless crane monitoring