SF10 BID Portable Boiler Inspection System

The SYN-FAB® SF10 BID system is a special applications CCTV system for inspecting the inside of boilers, furnaces, and other vessels. The areas of interest are typically too hot, dirty, hazardous, or impractical to inspect in person or with conventional camera systems, but not hot enough or accessible for inspection with our SF12 series systems. Each SF10 BID utilizes a miniature camera/lens assembly mounted in a small stainless steel enclosure that is purged by compressed air, nitrogen or other cooling medium. This small diameter camera assembly is available with rigid or flexible extension lengths from 1’ (0.3m) to 20’ (6.09m). The system can be inserted horizontally or vertically into a vessel of interest and the inside of the vessel viewed on a video monitor.

The SF10 BID is available with visible light cameras (color or monochrome) as well as an NIR imager for use in hot areas that are too dark to see with the naked eye (an integrated light source is also available). Both straight ahead and right angle line of sight camera heads are available and can be changed in the field as needed. The unit will operate several hours with the optional battery pack or indefinitely with the 120 VAC power source. The SF10 BID is configured for portable use – please refer to our SF12 series for permanent installations.


  • Right angle or straight ahead line of sight camera head
  • High resolution color camera with wide angle lens
  • 4 each 4’ extensions
  • 30’ high temperature internal power and video cable
  • Junction box with camera power supply and video output connections
  • Carrying case


  • Various TV monitors and video recorders
  • Auxiliary camera heads
  • NIR camera (in lieu of visible light color)
  • Extra 4’ extension units
  • Portable air filter with 15’ airline
  • Laptop PC with video capture software
  • Portable 12 VDC battery