SF11 High Temperature Imaging Systems

SYN-FAB® SF11 series imaging systems utilize the same high temperature enclosures and cameras as our SF12 series, but each SF11 series system is available with a 3” or 12” furnace lens that has an adjustable field of view. The SF11C is fitted with a color camera and is typically mounted at grate level in power boilers or other areas that do not have refractory wall thickness exceeding 8”. The SF11SP is a special version of the SF11 that is typically used to monitor carryover in upper furnace areas and is fitted with an IR camera.


  • Quick-change system design for easy installation and maintenance
  • Proprietary Bright Image Optical System for sharp images
  • Modular configuration for easy option add-ons and upgrades
  • Compact, easy to handle design
  • Indestructible synthetic (SF11) or STEELONTM (SF11 PIII) housings to protect (IP66) electronic components
  • Advanced lens design for low air consumption, various fields of view and easy assembly/disassembly
  • High performance, ruggedized cameras for increased durability (NTSC, PAL, Ethernet cameras available)
  • Loaner systems and 24 hour service for emergencies


  • Balanced draft and positive pressure wall boxes for permanent/semi-permanent installation
  • 3” or 12” lens lengths with straight ahead line of sight
  • Automatic retract assemblies
  • Image processing and analysis equipment for carryover/particulate equipment
  • Portable system configuration and cart assembly for diagnostics and testing
  • Air filtration systems
  • Digital recorders, monitors, switchers and other video equipment
  • Fiber optic, coax, Ethernet, or wireless video/data transmission
  • Remote or integral camera electronics and controls
  • Custom options for special needs


  • Helps maximize efficiency and capacity by showing fuel and air flow in the burning zone
  • Reduced emissions by improving performance
  • Increased safety margins by helping detect tube leaks and other problems before major damage occurs
  • Helps reduce slag, clinker and ash build-up resulting in fewer shutdowns and lower maintenance cost
  • Aiding start-ups and troubleshooting burner malfunctions
  • Helps in shaping and positioning fuel beds