SF12 Portable System Configuration

SYN-FAB® SF12 series camera systems are available in portable configuration with both infrared and visible light versions suitable for virtually any boiler, furnace, or kiln monitoring application. Each system utilizes a state of the art, fully automatic camera and SYN-FAB®’s proprietary Bright Image Optical System (BIOS) to provide clear images of your process. This is an easy to use and maintain tool for furnace troubleshooting and optimization. All that is required of the operator is 100-240 VAC power (or optional 12 VDC battery pack) and a compressed instrument air supply for lens purge. A typical portable inspection system would include an SF12 imaging system and the SAE0048 portable system accessory pack that includes a recorder and monitor combo, battery with charger, system wiring harness, and case. The SAM0038 portable cart for temporary installation and accessory mounting is also available.



  • Quick-change system design for easy installation and maintenance
  • Proprietary Bright Image Optical System for sharp images
  • Modular configuration for easy option add-ons and upgrades
  • Compact, easy to handle design