SF12C-2C High Temperature Imaging System

SYN-FAB® SF12C-2C systems represent the state-of-the-art in advanced high temperature process monitoring. This is a specialized high temperature imaging system that allows multiple cameras/detectors operating in different spectral wavebands to share a common furnace lens. TheSF12C-2C is the industry’s first and only system allowing utilization of  a broad spectrum from visible light to mid-wave infrared on a common optical path – this technology is critical for waveband optimization of each system’s optics. The SF12C-2C is typically used in conjunction with Pyro-ViperTM-HD software to give operators the ability to visually observe process conditions and obtain non-contact process temperature data.


  • Compact, quick-change design for easy handling, installation and maintenance
  • Proprietary Bright Image Optical System for sharp images
  • Wavelength optimized electro/optical system
  • Indestructible synthetic or STEELON housings to protect (IP66) electronic components
  • Advanced lens design for low air consumption, various fields of view and easy assembly/disassembly
  • High performance, ruggedized cameras for increased durability (NTSC, PAL & High-Resolution formats available)
  • Loaner systems and 24 hour service for emergencies


  • Radiometric camera with Pyro-ViperTM-HD image processing and analysis software for temperature measurement,image processing and data management
  • Balanced draft and positive pressure wall boxes for permanent/semi-permanent installation
  • Lens lengths available from 12” to 65” with straight ahead, right angle or 45° obtuse line of sight
  • Automatic retract assemblies
  • Portable system configuration and cart assembly for diagnostics and testing
  • Air filtration systems
  • Digital recorders, monitors, switchers and other video equipment
  • Fiberoptic, coax, Ethernet or wireless video/data
  • Custom options, including Class I Div 2 compliance


  • Helps maximize efficiency and capacity by showing fuel material and air flow in the burning zone
  • Reduced emissions by improving performance
  • Increased safety margins by helping problems before major damage occurs
  • Helps reduce build-up resulting in fewer shutdowns and lower maintenance cost
  • Aiding start-ups and troubleshooting burner malfunctions
  • Helps in shaping and positioning clinker
  • Provides temperature data and thermal profile of kiln interior when used with Pyro-Viper-HD software