SYN-FAB®’s SAE0036-TG SPECTRUM™TG is used in conjunction with our SF12 series infrared imaging systems to display a high resolution video of the scene being monitored with a color thermograph overlay. The SPECTRUM™TG is an easy to use “black box” image processor that will economically transform your infrared imaging system into a calibrated imaging pyrometer.

Infrared imaging systems produce a monochrome image as their basic video signal. (The infrared spectrum is beyond the visible color spectrum; therefore infrared cameras generate a monochrome image as their basic signal.) The infrared image is composed of a gray scale that ranges from white to black. Each level of this gray scale corresponds to a very small temperature band to which the SPECTRUM™TG assigns a color. The image can then be displayed as a color thermograph instead of a black and white “grayscale” image. For a more sophisticated temperature monitoring system consider SYN-FAB®’s PC based Pyro-ViperTM-HD software solutions.


  • Recovery Boilers:
    Smelt/Char Bed and Wall Tube Monitoring
  • Power Boilers: 
    Fuel Bed andWall Tube Monitoring
  • Kilns:
    Materials Discharge and Interior Monitoring