Technology That Makes Furnace Monitoring Possible Built To Withstand Harsh Environment

As many can imagine, the processes that unfold when cooking, drying and curing metals, construction industry products or chemicals can be dangerous. With temperatures climbing into the thousands of degrees and extreme heat and fire making this possible, it’s clearly not a place for people to go poking around. This is where the topic of imagination, again, comes into play. Workers at these industrial sites who oversee furnace monitoring operations need a way to look inside so they aren’t assuming what’s going on inside the chamber. That’s where furnace camera manufacturers come into play and the high-tech cameras they offer help complete jobs that would otherwise be impossible. In this article, we’ll explore some of the components of a recovery boiler camera, the technology that makes it possible as well as high-temperature thermal imaging systems that are built to withstand extreme heat.

The furnace, boiler or kiln that’s used during production is strong and specialized. These devices are manufactured to exacting specifications so that the steel, cement and chemicals that are created are equally fine-tuned. The devices are also built with total safety in mind so those working on the machines or nearby aren’t at risk. To get a look at what’s going on inside, a recovery boiler camera like the Pyro-Viper-HD can conduct data analysis and a color thermograph is displayed to safety and monitoring personnel. This product, which is marketed by SYN-FAB, offers multiple wavelength imaging and real-time data processing. This recovery boiler camera is also capable of “simultaneously monitoring the temperature of unlimited areas of interest and comparing to operational parameters of the boiler,” according to the product’s official description. Best of all, the camera also offers recording, storage and retrieval options so it’s possible to conduct furnace monitoring reviews. This allows for operators to retrieve and examine upset boiler conditions.

Another popular furnace monitoring product from leading furnace camera manufacturers is the SF12N series from SYN-FAB. Thanks to expertly-designed electronics, optics and protection aspects, these types of high-temperature cameras can also peer through the smoke and ash due to an infrared optical system. SYN-FAB describes the imaging components as “rugged” and that’s a good quality to see, as those in the industrial industry know how unforgiving the area in and around a boiler or furnace can be.