Thermal Analyzer III

SYN-FAB®’s SAE0031-A THERMAL ANALYZER III (TAIII) transforms your SF12 series infrared imaging system into an imaging pyrometer. The TAIII allows the user to superimpose up to four (4) rectangular target(s) areas on the video image produced by one of our SF12 series infrared imaging systems. The TAIII is a “black box” image processor that calculates, displays, and outputs the temperature of each target defined by the user. Each temperature represents the average surface temperature of the target area defined within the field of view of the infrared imaging system. The temperature of each target is displayed on an LED meter for quick and easy monitoring. A 1-4VDC output is provided for each target temperature for recording, trending, or inputting to a plant’s system. Optional 4-20 mA isolated outputs are also available.

Calibrated temperature ranges are available from 800°F (427°C) to 3500°F (1927°C) with the TAIII. For a more sophisticated temperature monitoring system consider SYN-FAB®’s PC based Pyro-ViperTM-HD software solutions.

Thermal Analyzer III - APPLICATIONS

  • Recovery Boilers:
    Smelt/Char Bed and Wall Tube Monitoring
  • Power Boilers:
    Fuel Bed and Wall Tube Monitoring
  • Kilns:
    Materials Discharge and Interior Monitoring